Ask the Expert: Ownership Status

This month, Vacation Ownership Advisor Becky Jones answers your questions about ownership status levels.

How do I determine my ownership status level?
There are three ownership status levels within the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations™ Exchange Program:

  • Owners – who have up to 6,499 Vacation Club Points
  • Owners with Premier Status – who have 6,500 or more Vacation Club Points
  • Owners with Premier Plus Status – who have 13,000 or more Vacation Club Points

Your ownership level is displayed on your Ownership Portfolio page at My– level is determined by the total value of all your enrolled weeks and any additional Vacation Club Points you have purchased – regardless of whether you have elected Vacation Club Points with some or all of your weeks. If you have enrolled an every–other–year ownership, half of the equivalent number of Vacation Club Points is counted toward your ownership level annually. 

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I use Vacation Club Points to reserve a villa online, I get a discounted rate.  Why?
If you are an Owner with Premier or Premier Plus status and you use Vacation Club Points to stay at a Marriott Vacation Club resort, you enjoy access to villa discounts. In October, these discounts and their availability were significantly increased:

  • Owners with Premier Status will receive a 25% discount when reserving within 30 days of check-in (increased from a 20% discount within seven days of arrival). 
  • Owners with Premier Plus status will receive a 30% discount when reserving within 60 days of arrival (increased from a 20% discount within 14 days of arrival). 

When you are reserving online at My–, the website will recognize your ownership status and will automatically offer you the discounted rate. If you have weeks in a Trust and weeks as an individual, you’ll need to click on the ownership tab that shows your Premier or Premier Plus status in order to see and reserve the discount online. 

As an Owner, you can enjoy two other ways to save on villa rentals. When using cash to rent Marriott Vacation Club villas, Owners receive a 25% discount; Owners with Premier Status receive a 30% discount; and Owners with Premier Plus Status receive a 35% discount. 

Plus, if you’re using a Marriott® Visa for your stay, you may receive an additional 10% discount – so Owners with Premier Plus Status may receive a discount of up to 45%. These villa rental discounts are based on availability, and you’ll need to call Owner Services to reserve them.

What other benefits are offered to Owners with Premier and Premier Plus status?
Owners with Premier and Premier Plus status can enjoy:

  • The ability to make a reservation 13 months in advance during the Advanced Priority Reservation window, without using a Points Premium. 
  • Access to premium tier cruises on cruise lines such as Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas, Cunard, Paul Gauguin, Silversea and Windstar. (Learn More)
  • The ability to use Vacation Club Points to reserve luxury residences at select Ritz-Carlton Club® resorts and hotels.

To view a full listing of the benefits available to Owners with Premier and Premier Plus status, click here.

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Get to Know Becky!

What she does: I serve as a resource and liaison between the on-site Operations and Sales teams and Owner Services. I enjoy the opportunity I have to educate and develop our associates to help Owners get the most from their ownership experience. I often have the opportunity to hear feedback from Owners and strive to implement improvements to better assist and serve our Owners.

How long she has worked for Owner Services: I have been a part of the Marriott Vacation Club family for more than 5 years.

Favorite part of her job: The best part of working for Owner Services is the opportunity to assist our Owners in planning their favorite vacations! Their excitement as they learn about their ownership and as a plan comes together for their dream vacation is incredibly rewarding and contagious!

Favorite resort or vacation experience: While I have many on my list to see still, Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club on the island of Oahu is my favorite resort. The resort has beautiful lagoon beaches and the amenities are top notch. The staff truly embodies the spirit of Aloha!

Favorite trip she’s helped an Owner plan: I recently worked with a wonderful couple who were hoping to plan a dream vacation for their 50th wedding anniversary. It had been their lifelong dream to travel to Ireland but they didn’t know where to begin. As newly enrolled Owners, It was a pleasure to make that dream come true by booking their Shades of Ireland tour through the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations™ program!